10 Easy Ways to Turn Old T-Shirts Into Useful Products

Happy Earth Day!

We recently partnered with Earth Friendly Products to help celebrate the opening of their newest plant in New Jersey. The company was holding on to 300 overprinted t-shirts and decided to upcycle them into 150 giveaway bags for their launch event. We loved this project so much that we also teamed up with a local golf tournament sponsor to make similar bags to hold golf tees for their players.

ECOS T-shirt Bag2

So, in the spirit of Earth Day and our recent projects, we pulled together a list of our favorite ways to repurpose that old stack of t-shirts you have sitting at your home or office:

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A Fresh Start for Foster Kids With Relan & Share Hugs

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Did you know that most foster kids are given a black trash bag upon entering foster care to store all of their belongings?

For Niki McDowell, foster parent and mother of an adopted daughter, this fact really hit home. She decided to take action by creating Share Hugs, a Kansas-based organization dedicated to providing bags and blankets to children entering foster care.  To date, Share Hugs has donated 75 blankets and 145 laundry bags to foster children.

Relan was honored to partner with Share Hugs by creating mesh laundry bags made from banners donated by the Birmingham Museum of Art.

The laundry bags were designed with a flat bottom and a drawstring, so they could double as a storage bag and backpack. Each bag also included a unique design and custom label with space for the kids’ names and emergency contact information.

Perhaps even more rewarding is the fact that Relan’s partner at the Birmingham Museum of Art, also a foster parent, donated the banners before knowing how they would be repurposed.

“I loved working with Kari and Relan. They created mesh laundry bags for me to donate to Foster Care Organizations to use for kiddos going into care. The bags were all one of a kind and so much better than trash bags. They worked on a custom label for the bags with emergency contact information. Now, I am working with Relan on products that I sell to raise more money to purchase more laundry bags. Thank you again for all the help! I can’t strongly endorse you enough.”

-Niki McDowell, Share Hugs

As a result of the generous donation by the Birmingham Museum of Art, Relan and Share Hugs were able to keep nearly 1,000 square feet of material out of landfills and create 130 bags for children in need. And because the bags are made from durable mesh, the children no longer need to rely on a trash bag to store their most treasured belongings.

If you would like to donate to Share Hugs’ mission, visit their website at www.sharehugs.org.

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6 Green Giveaways for Your Next Event

Picture this: You just arrived at your first conference of the season. Before the keynote starts, you make your way to the exhibit hall, where you are bombarded with pens, stress balls, and coffee mugs from exhibitors. What do you do with all of those giveaways? Chances are, you have a few sitting at your desk, but the rest were thrown away before you even left the conference.

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Portland Timbers Partner With Relan to Give Fans Unique Piece of History

In a recent press release, we announced our latest project with the Portland Timbers, Oregon’s Major League Soccer team. We gifted their most loyal fans with a small piece of Timbers’ history to start their 2015 season.

Read the full press release here.

Timbers Document Case (2)

Relan turned 12,000 square feet of old Timbers’ banners into document cases holding season tickets for members of their 2015 Axe Society.

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Social Change Nation Podcast – Interview with Kari Brizius, President of Relan (Part 2)

Kari Brizius President of RelanWe are back talking with Kari Brizius of Relan. Relan is the social enterprise that works to reduce waste by repurposing banners and billboards into promotional bags and accessories. Kari answers some question about some of the unique characteristics of Relan and sustainability before going through the lightning round Q & A’s.

Show Notes:

What is one Social Enterprise that we should all check out?

What is one piece of advice you give to an aspiring change agent?

  • Do you research on what you think you believe in and then follow your heart

What is your favorite fun escape?

  • Yoga and anything with my kids

What is one book we should all start reading?

The first thing we can all do right now to start changing the world?

  • Stop talking about things and start taking any kind of action.

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Social Change Nation Podcast – Interview with Kari Brizius, President of Relan (Part 1)

This week we have a podcast guaranteed to be a lot of fun for anyone passionate about fashion, marketing, and up-cycling.

social change nationToday’s interview features Kari Brizius, a social entrepreneur helping to create a cleaner environment by up-cycling waste into fashionable, functional, and promotional tote bags.  Kari and her mom run a social enterprise called Relan, which means to reinvent fashion. Relan makes bags, backpacks, cases, and other products out of vinyl taken from old billboards and banners that would otherwise end up in a landfill.  Over 600,000 tons of vinyl is manufactured each year for billboards alone.  Relan is more than a bag company doing sales in boutique stores, but they instead use their unique product to help other business be champions of sustainability. They partner with business to take their old billboards and banners and up-cylce them into custom bags to give out at conferences, trade shows, or as a part of promotional campaigns. By doing this Relan is able to promote the clients brand as well as sustainability.

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Green Sports News And Notes: Waste Management Phoenix Open Somehow Gets Greener

Originally posted on GreenSportsBlog:

We here at GreenSportsBlog love the Waste Management Phoenix Open. It is Zero Waste. It is the model for greening all golf tournaments. Plus they have a caddie race during the actual tournament (more on that later). And now, the Waste Management Phoenix Open is getting even greener. 

How can the Waste Management Phoenix Open get any greener? It’s already Zero-Waste. In fact, the best attended tournament (500,000+ fans annually) on the PGA Tour has diverted 100% of its waste from landfill in 2013 and 2014, via recycling, composting and waste-to-energy programs. You read that right: 100% diversion from landfill!

So, we ask again: How can the greenest golf tournament in the US get greener? By water conservation/restoration, that’s how! According to a story in yesterday’s Environmental Leader, the 2015 Waste Management Phoenix Open, which takes place Jan 25-Feb 1, will sponsor Change The Coursea “first-of-its kind water…

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